These pictures were taken on the Skyline Eco-Adventure, a perfect adventure for anyone over 10 years of age. Imagine yourself soaring over gulches and through the trees at the 4200-foot level of Hale'akala, one of the world's largest volcanoes. The specially trained staff will outfit you with a customized seat harness and equipment before leading you on a 1/2-mile beautiful hike into the woods to the first take-off point. This is not only an exciting activity but also a way to learn about the preservation efforts of the fragile native environment. Ten percent of the company profits go toward preservation. See

Max, our fearless leader, giving the safety instructions

Hooking up for the first ride, the shortest
and slowest zipline

Just step or run off the platform, sit back
in the harness, and zip!

As you approach the landing ramp, move your legs as if you're running...right up to the landing site.

Taking off from platform 2

I'm getting the "hang" of it!

One of the group zipping on #2

Being hooked up at platform 3

Zip ride 4 is the longest and fastest.
The adrenalin is pumping here!

Zipping at 40 mph across a deep canyon on a cable 275 feet long...nothing to it!

This new bride is having fun!

Grins all around