Where should I shop/eat?

Okay, here's the fun part! lol Surrounding the Papakea area, there are little stores called the "ABC Store" where you can find everything from beach towels to flip-flops to potato chips! It's a great place to get little things you might have forgotten, and it's not very expensive! About three miles from the condo (a great walk with ocean view the whole time or a great drive), there is a great restaurant called the "Gazebo," and guess what? It's a giant gazebo! How ironic! lol Anyway, um...right...

The food there is very good. I recommend eating breakfast there because they have great pancakes and eggs. If you want to shop for souvenirs and such, then you might want to hit a public beach and look for beach salesmen (not very common unfortunately) or the ABC Store as I mentioned earlier. There's a mall out there somewhere. Sorry though, cuz I don't know where it is... There's also a Costco for people who want a lot of things for not too expensive, and there's gas stations planted all over...

Oh! I almost forgot about the Hard Rock Cafe! It's great eatin' and awesome souvenirs, like hats, shirts, drumsticks for the musical type (that's me!! lol), and all sorts of other cool stuff! (try the malts and shakes. They're awesome!) Another great place to eat is--HOME!!! Cook some fish or something and eat on the lanai!

It's a great view,

(both looking off of the lanai)

it's got a cool breeze,

and an occasional "lil' aloha shower!"

(a little sprinkle of rain, it's great!)

That's why you came in the first place, isn't it? To be in the condo? (don't tell you're having second thoughts now...lol)

It's that simple! Just ask Bill and Wendy!