The Jenkins Family

Christmas morning brunch on the lanai.

View of the ocean from the lanai during breakfast.

Cooking at the condo... the kids got into making guacamole several different nights with those enormous, fantastic avacados from the market.

This is the Congregational Church next to the market. They had a Christmas concert which was very sweet. Their Christmas tree was decorated - covered - with fresh flowers hibiscus, white bouganvilla, and bird of paradise shooting up from the top. How we wish we had a picture of it! The decorations only last one day. They repeated it on Christmas Eve.

We loved watching the moon develop from the tiniest sliver to this small crescent with its sidekick little star. (Would that be the North Star?) This picture was from the lanai at dusk.

We loved sitting out at the edge of the sea wall to watch the sunset. We got out there at 5:30 sharp; sunset at 5:38!